C08# Lily 160cm Dcup Silicone Doll


Advantages of CST Doll

  • 1. Durable – Can be used for long time, not easy to be damaged.
  • 2. Lifelike –  The full silicone material has real skin touching, and it is same-size ratio like real human being.
  • 3. Flexible –  More than 30 joints, Any pose can be set with metal skeleton inside.
  • 4. Security – No peculiar smell, 100% medical non-toxic material, certificated by ROHS, MSDS, etc.
  • 5. Extensibility – The special silicone material can be stretched up to 5.5 times of length. The vagina, anus and mouth can be perfectly extended.


CST doll, Launched in 2020,  is an exciting and affordable brand of full-silicone realistic dolls. Here are the main technical features of CST:

  • Two sexual orifices (vagina, anus). No oral cavity
  • EVO skeleton (with shrug and squat)
  • Very soft breasts
  • Realistic skin with visible veins
  • Quick fix head attachment system
  • Implanted eyebrows and eyelashes as a default option
  • Implanted hair available (only synthetic, fee paying option. Styles available are those seen in the list of wigs in the customization section. So when you choose implanted hair please let us know in the order notes which wig you’d like to be implanted
Implanted Hair Option

Implanted Hair, Wig

Pubic Hair

No, Yes

Vagina Option

Built-in Vagina, Removable

Feet Option

Normal Feet, Standing Feet, Standing Feet with Bolt


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